Sacramento’s self-proclaimed (and proven) party punks G. Green come blazing in with a sophomore LP, Area Codes. Out on Sacramento label Mt. St. Mtn. on August 13th, Area Codes features a completely different set up than their debut LP Crap Culture.

Compared to their previous album where frontman Andrew Henderson authored most songs, every band member had much more involvement in songwriting. More importantly, these guys have noticeably grown and mastered some musical punk precision in a D.I.Y. realm where many bands are called out for not actually having any idea how to play their own instruments.

Not to mention that the prolific Greer McGettrick (of now retired band The Mallard) is responsible for creating album art for Area Codes. G. Green just wrapped up a month long U.S. tour, but we can always count on seeing them live at venues and parties in Bay Area and Sac sooner or later.