Couches @ Knockout & Night Light

As we told you back in June, San Francisco indie rockers Couches are releasing their Slackin’ Since The 80s EP on September 9 via frontman David Mitchell’s label 20 Sided Records. But you don’t have to wait two more weeks to hear the full record – nope, we’re premiering it in its entirety here, today on The Bay Bridged.

Joining Mitchell on Slackin’ are Chris Griley (bass) and Mike Dubuque (drums), who is back on the left coast after a brief stint back in his native New Jersey. The new record, which picks up where the band left off with their “California” 7-inch, features their often chill, sometimes frenetic, but always guitar-driven rock sound – which, according to the band, “casts a red-eyed glance towards their Gen-X mid-90s forbearers.”

Whether they’re penning more amped up tracks (“Train Of Thought”, “Thinkin’ About Money”, “Infatuation”) or sleepier, jammier adventures (“Don’t Slay The Dreamers”, “Radio Life”), Couches are at their best here, injecting their unique hybrid of skepticism and hope into the record. The trio might downplay their songwriting ability and their distinctive sound, describing an “unabashedly straightforward approach where a tight rhythm section and a Big Muff pedal is all they need to hook you,” but Slackin’ is evidence of a much more finely tuned machine than is broadcast publicly.

Below, stream Couches’ Slackin’ Since The 80s (via SoundCloud), watch their brand-spankin’ new video for Slackin’ track “Thinkin’ About Money”, and get details on the band’s two upcoming Bay Area release shows (more info on the full Born To Slack tour here).

Oh yeah – and don’t forget to pre-order your copy over the new EP over on Bandcamp, where it is available digitally, on 12-inch vinyl, and cassette (via Tempe’s Rubber Brother Records).

Couches, Balms, One Hundred Percent
The Knockout
September 4, 2014
10pm, $6

Couches, Pink Slime, Brasil, Modern Man
The Night Light
September 7, 2014
9pm, $6