Halcyonaire, Thick Red Wine @ DNA Lounge

Mike Wojciechowski, frontman of SF anti-folk project Thick Red Wine, writes songs that are “really not that desperate.” Newly released “Marathon” will be on his forthcoming EP Homesick due for release this fall via Breakup Records, and he would like to celebrate by inviting everyone to the DNA Lounge this Friday. “Marathon” continues Thick Red Wine’s distinct brand of hilarious and awkward tell-alls: “Doesn’t really matter how many records I sell. / It doesn’t really matter because I won’t let it. / Why would I want to be some one hit wonder? / I’m happy being underground.” You can stream “Marathon” below, and download it for $1 or more which will include a download of Homesick upon release.

Presented by the burgeoning Bourgeois Productions and hosted by Mutiny Radio,  Friday’s set boasts a mostly local line-up with headliners HalcyonaireMild Meddle, and Portland-based The Weather Machine. Be sure to catch this recent transplant to San Francisco (see, musicians are still moving here) where his bio reads he “thrives on a goosebump-inducing intimacy between audience and performer that’s nearly impossible to replicate on a recording.”

Halcyonaire, Mild Meddle, Thick Red Wine, The Weather Machine
DNA Lounge
August 29, 2014
8pm, $8 adv (all ages)