mourning mountains

Self-described simply as ‘experimental rock n’ roll,” Oakley-based four-piece Mourning Mountains sell themselves a bit short with such a succinct tagline.  Their music is certainly experimental rock n’ roll, but that’s not all it is – it can be danceable, it can be heavy, it can be spacey enough for the stoners and boisterous enough for the drinkers and endlessly intriguing for serious indie rock aficionados who will try to scramble up sonic comparisons, maybe referencing the more raucous songs of Modest Mouse (the alliteration shared by both band names perhaps no small coincidence) or classic ’80s post-punk.

“Routes Through Trees,” the single from their upcoming album Where Lovers Go to Die, is a pretty good representation of the Mourning Mountains sound – driven by tightly syncopated, Afropop-like drumming, eccentric vocals and slicing lead guitar licks, it’s a sound both vaguely familiar yet quite unlike anything else.

Said upcoming album will be dropping September 30th and if you like what you hear on this post, you can pre-order the LP through the band’s website. These guys gig a lot too so you’ll have no excuse not to see them as they roll through the Bay Area, including a stop at 924 Gilman this Friday and then the Oakland show listed below.

Butch Nasty & the Blackout Kids, Rumble Mother, Reishi, Mourning Mountains
Eli’s Mile High Club
September 11, 2014
7pm, FREE (21+)