Kyle M. Terrizzi

The concept is simple: you figure out what your fans want, and bring it to them. Any price, and the content is delivered to their inboxes at their convenience.

Kyle M. Terrizzi, the mastermind behind the “Dear Patron” website, which has been at the forefront of the aforementioned model, has been working on this idea for a while now. We even wrote about it a while back, when the website first came out. But now, Terrizzi has moved forward, funding his first official single, titled “The Fall of Rome,” which includes a video (see below) as well.

Those who contributed to creating the alluring track had their names featured in the digital booklet that came with the single. Lyrics and album art were also included in the package.

Moving forward, he’s using the Patreon artist funding site to support his future music. According to Terrizzi: “I am shifting all of my focus onto writing and releasing new music continuously in the form of digital singles and am offering the small community of people who want to support me the ability to do so with Patreon,” he said. “The Fall of Rome” is the first of these patron-funded digital singles, and is an amazing testament to their quality content and creative package.

The song is classically composed singer-songwriter stuff, highlighting Terrizzi’s vocal capabilities, and never drifting astray. It’s a great look into Terrizzi’s impressive voice, which is a soft yet sometimes note-breaking force. With his talent, his guitar and voice is all he needs.

The complementing video is simple: a camera is pointed directly at Terrizzi playing the song. But it’s high quality, looks great, and matches the atmosphere of “The Fall of Rome” perfectly. In this case, less is absolutely more.

Terrizzi plans on releasing much more music, but plans to do it with the help of people like you and others who are into his sound.