Rivvrs, the moniker for Bay Area based pop/folk singer-songwriter Brandon Zahursky, just dropped his debut EP, Hold On. After a number of stints attempting to find the perfect fit band-wise, music-wise, and personally, Zahursky went into the production of the EP with what he describes as an “all-in attitude.”

“I told myself I wanted to release a set of all new, unreleased material,” he said to me. “It gave me a sort of fresh start and I was able to put that into the songs. I came up with the Rivvrs moniker while writing the first few songs, and it added to the feeling of a fresh start.” Previously, Zahursky went under the moniker River Shiver. Rivvrs, however, epitomizes a new direction and big moves for Zahursky, who was able to get his lead track, “I Will Follow You,” a catchy love song, featured on NBC’s About A Boy.

The four-track EP is a testament to this sense of being reborn, both musically and personally. Rivvrs’ unique vocals are a standout: a raspy, yet soothing sound that is delicately rough, like water washing over sand. The EP is a pop-centric singer-songwriter piece of work, with hints of folk sprinkled throughout each track. From the memorable whistling on “Hold On” to the dramatic nature of “Save My Soul,” the four tracks on Hold On offer a sound that’s poppy, but good. It’s tantalizing, yet familiar.

Hold On, however, is only Rivvrs’ first tease for listeners. He’ll be releasing another set of songs in the next few months.

To pick up an EP, hear Rivvrs play, or even catch your favorite song from your favorite NBC television show, check out his upcoming dates in San Francisco.

Rivvrs, Robin Bacior, Devon McClive
September 27, 2014
8:30pm, $10 (all ages)