Photo: Jeff Harland

Talkies are a brand-spankin’ new four-piece that will take you back to the glamorous days of slick guitar-driven power pop. Frontman Ray Seraphin (whom you may know from Glitz, Legs, and other local bands) describes Talkies as a band “combining the dark, haunting tones of EMPIRE and pop accessibility of the SHOES.” Talkies has a five-song EP recorded, and you can listen to “Never Fear” off the EP below – it’s got all sorts of nifty little guitar licks, and a memorable and shredtastic solo, all in just two minutes:

Talkies perform this Saturday, August 23 at The Night Light in Oakland with Legs, New Faultlines, and Mall Walk.

Legs, New Faultlines, Mall Walk, Talkies
Night Light
August 23, 2014
9pm, $7