Rich Girls

Three well-dressed individuals walk into a screening room at a police station. A bit tattered, but nonetheless looking their best. An overheard voice refers to them as “suspects.” The woman on the far right moves her glasses in the utmost sassy manner.

This is the first sight from the new video from local indie group Rich Girls, for their song “Worse,” which was directed by Stokes McIntyre. The video is about the mysterious death of the band’s audience at a show, and includes each of the members being questioned about it.

Luisa Black, frontwoman of Rich Girls reimagines early 00’s indie rock, blending strong vocals with a rich sound that is dreamy and dazed. The guitars and drums come together to create an endearing, slightly nostalgic feel. In the video, all of this is paired to the alluring backdrop of the band playing to a large audience.

As to the video’s mystery? Everyone obviously died because of Black’s amazing vocals.

“Worse” is the new single from Rich Girls’ upcoming EP Fiver, coming out on Breakup Records on October 10th. You can grab the single right now on their Bandcamp page.

El Terrible, Rich Girls, Kitten Grenade
Brick & Mortar Music Hall
August 28, 2014
8pm, $5 (all ages)