Built to Spill-4

In the middle of a three-night booking at Slim’s, Built to Spill played their second show Sunday night to a packed (but not sold-out) crowd. The veteran rockers were in fine form, presumably benefiting from the more extensive sound checks that come with the extra time to put a crisp, clean touch on their distinctive indie rock.

Highlights included show closer “Goin’ Against Your Mind”, crowd favorite “Carry the Zero”, and “Big Dipper”. I was slightly surprised that they played only one song from their 2009 LP There Is No Enemy but then again that album came out five years ago — it’s only marginally more relevant these days than the rest of the band’s eight LPs released in the last twenty-two years. Despite the length of their career, it’s hard to imagine Built to Spill ever really going out of style. There’s just something about their meandering, wide-eyed songs that will always resonate with the baffled daydreamer in all of us. Photos and setlist below.

Three Years Ago Today
Kicked It in the Sun
Time Trap
Get a Life
Trimmed and Burning
8 Miles High – (The Byrds cover)
Mess With Time
Center of the Universe
Big Dipper
Carry the Zero

Stop the Show
Goin’ Against Your Mind