high on fire

Rarely will you find the sentence, “wow, Converse is pretty metal,” uttered by mosh pit addicts.  However, when you add the name High On Fire to the mix – Oakland’s finest stoner/doom/power trio – you might have a legitimate chance of extracting that feeling once fans learn about the Converse Rubber Tracks Live Tour, the sneaker company’s latest foray into concert promotion.  Yes, it may be a soulless corporation, but it’s hard to rage against the capitalist machine when they’re supporting the same anti-establishment bands that, well, rage against the capitalist machine…It’s like a paradox or something.  Either way there’s gonna be metal, so come headbang at the Chapel this Wednesday night.

The lineups for these shows include headlining bands who hand pick emerging artists that have recorded at Converse Rubber Tracks to open for them, and the San Francisco stop will feature suitably heavy rockers Arctic.  In addition, the tour will coincide with Converse Rubber Tracks “pop-up” recording studios where local bands will have the opportunity to record their music for free.  As in past Rubber Tracks recording stints here, the SF location for this will be Different Fur Studios from August 18 to 22.  More information about these “pop-up” studio sessions can be accessed on the Converse Rubber Tracks web site.

Converse may only want you to buy sneakers at the end of the day, but if it benefits some musicians in the process, they can’t be all that bad. In some ways, they’re even kinda awesome.

High On Fire, Arctic
The Chapel
August 20, 2014
8pm, free (RSVP tickets sold out but more might be available at the door), all ages