A Carnival of Hours

A Carnival of Hours is a fairly new band out of Oakland with formed by three guys who are no stranger to the local scene – the band is fronted by Dominic East, former guitarist for Rogue Wave and bassist for Churches, who tells me the band started as a reaction to his indie-rock past. East says he “left all my guitar effects at home and convinced Joshua

[Housh] to dust-off the old fiddle bass so we could start something I told everyone would be much ‘jazzier’.” Eventually East and Housh felt they were getting “too post-rock” without drums, so they asked Raphi Gottesman to join them, (when he isn’t busy drumming with Odawas in addition to making music on his own.)

“After one rehearsal with Raphi, we asked Pat [Spurgeon] to engineer some recordings and I think that the Unreasonably Sad single constitutes maybe the second or third time that Raphi had heard the songs,” explains East. “That sort of spontaneity is at the core of what we’d like to achieve with the next set of recordings we’re planning.” For now, you can listen to the beginnings of A Carnival of Hours – the single collections Boats n Stuff and Unreasonably Sad below. Both sets highlight the basic, yet solid instrumentation which perfectly complement East’s intensely personal and conversational vocals.