Foxes in Fiction

The first Foxes in Fiction album I ever listened to was 2010’s Swung from The Branches. The songs––a mixture of field recordings and ambient noises––served as my bedroom soundtrack that summer in my tiny, windowless Sunset apartment.

After obsessing over the album for months, I became increasingly curious about this mysterious Canadian experimentalist. With some research I discovered that this particular album was frontman Warren Hildebrand’s attempt to deal with the loss of his younger brother, whose age and birthday fell just a few days short of mine. The track “8/29/91” is deeply personal, with a sample of Bukowski reading a journal entry on the day of Hildebrand’s brother’s birthday.

These songs resonated with me, and ever since I have been a fan of both Foxes in Fiction as well as Hildebrand’s label, Orchid Tapes.

Foxes in Fiction have announced a tour in support of his forthcoming full length album, Ontario Gothic. The title track, a layering of delicate vocals and harmonies, is relaxing as it is therapeutic. Beautifully done dream-pop, the track builds and crashes into itself with synth, strings, and keyboards all morphing into one another.

Owen Pallett, Avi Buffalo, Foxes in Fiction
the Great American Music Hall
Sept. 12, 2014
9 p.m., $21