Ty Segall

Ty Segall fans, heads up: His new album, Manipulator, is out on August 26th, but you can stream the entire album now!

Ty Segall also performed “Feel” on Conan O’Brien last week in support of the new album:

One interesting thing to note about this new album: Manipulator will be available to purchase and download via iTunes and Amazon and Drag City, but will NOT be made available via the music streaming platforms to which we’ve become accustomed (I’m assuming that means no availability on Rdio and Spotify, essentially).

According to a press release, this is “due to the all the serious business nonsense about the unfair business model of ALL streaming music platforms around the world, selling themselves for less by shortchanging the artist in all cases.” So don’t waste any time visiting the streaming links (above) to check out the album!