The Helio Sequence

Helio Sequence, the Portland, Oregon based duo, are coming to the Bay Area to play The Chapel.

The duo have played together since 1996 and have treaded on a landmark journey of success following their 2008 release Keep Your Eyes Ahead. Since then, the band has been moving slowly, touring frequently and keeping relatively quiet about any new releases past their 2012 album Negotiations. However, that hasn’t stopped Brandon Summers and Benjamin Weikel, the group that makes up Helio Sequence from pursuing their indie electronic music.

Growing more fine tuned with time, the band has continued their success, despite no recent releases. It’s a cross between the produced and clean styling of Beach House, and a mix between indie hall of famers like The Strokes. Their sound is delicate, intricate and undeniably wholesome. Prepare yourself to feel fresh and invigorated.

Helio Sequence, Liam Finn, Derrick C. Brown
The Chapel
August 19, 2014
8pm, $18 (all ages)