Golden Drugs

Golden Drugs leader Drew Pearson (also of Twin Steps) doubled as videographer for this brand new clip for “Appalachian Blood.” The song feels difficult to pin down — a little folk-rock, a little psych, slightly proggy. If that reads as “all over the map,” rest assured that the song isn’t; the whole thing is nicely glued together by an insistent drum beat and its six minutes fly by quickly.

Like the song, the video is similarly stuffed with images, sometimes layered on top of each other, for some surreal visual stimulation. Asked for his thoughts about the video, Pearson offered:

what i imagine the video to be equated to is like…you just had sex with your lover and its so beautiful outside so you two get some sorbet and go walk down to the lake and while you’re walking holding hands, this guy creeps up behind you with a sledge hammer and slams it to the back of your head but the sledge hammer is made out of candy and glitter and sprinkles and what you dream for the following six minutes before you regain consciousness is this music video.

The track comes from Golden Drugs’ album In the Midnight Sun or Stubbornly Persistent Illusion, which arrives in September on Porch Party Records. You can catch Golden Drugs this Saturday at the Maritime Art Collective with Void Boys and Modern Man.