8th Grader - Sex Tongue

By now, you already know 8th Grader for his signature R&B sound – a fresh combination of decadent tenor vocals, pop-soul rhythms, and nods to legends like Prince and George Michael. In one of his newest tracks “Sex Tongue”, 8th Grader (born Jay Martinovich) twists the fun of this dance song with a cheeky commentary on local Bay Area life. The video for “Sex Tongue”, which premiered last week via Noise Pop, doesn’t disappoint.

Despite the track’s tounge-in-cheek title, it’s more about being yourself and having fun than anything else. The video features a bunch of local hotties jamming out while playing with balloons and candy. Could there be any better way for 8th Grader to talk about San Francisco’s queer/pansexual culture than through sexy people having fun with deserts under neon lights? Nope, didn’t think so. Plus, it’s one of Martinovich’s most upbeat songs to date. Watch the new video below, and see 8th Grader perform live at the 20th Street Block Party on August 23.