Synthetic ID - Escapement

If anything is for certain, San Francisco’s Synthetic ID is a post punk band that doesn’t have time for drudgery. While other bands of their ilk go for a more sullen approach, Synthetic ID harnesses their aggression to power through each song like a well-oiled machine.

Synthetic ID is releasing their newest EP, Escapement, on Hannah Lew’s label, Crime on the Moon. Each record comes with a unique silk-screened, hand painted cover.

At just under ten minutes, the band blasts through the release in record time. Synthetic ID keeps with the jagged-sounding post punk we’ve become accustomed to by the band. Taut bass lines by Paul Lucich and multi-dimensional guitar riffs laid down by Jake Dudley amidst the hostile vocal stylings of Nic Lang are the band’s bread and butter. 

There’s a sense of urgency and neurosis that’s ever-present throughout Escapement, which makes this one of the better EPs to surface this summer. Order the EP via the online store!