Step inside the MEGADOME, where the best local bands play beneath Omnimax-style films at Chabot Space & Science in the beautiful Oakland hills!  This monthly series is all brought to you by the good people at The Octopus Literary Salon. Expect storytelling, audience participation, tamales y Tecates. Each show runs from 6-11pm and is all ages. After the show, head upstairs to the giant telescopes and view the cosmos.

Friday, August 29th enjoy music from Greg Ashley & John “Brothers” Morgan
Films: The Mysteries of Egypt plus select silent shorts

Greg Ashley is pure genius.  Perhaps best known for his seminal Texas band, The Gris Gris, Greg has a slew of solo recordings that are even better.  His most recent, Another Generation of Slaves, is getting rave reviews and comparisons to Leonard Cohen.  It is no secret that Greg loves Leonard, as we all should.  He even had the cajones to remake Leonard’s most controversial album Death of a Ladies Man just the way Leonard likely wanted it to be (before Phil Spector got all jiggy with it).  Give it some time though and Greg’s music goes way beyond Leonard Cohen.  Greg brings touches from The Kinks, Hank Williams and beyond.  Greg’s infamous Creamery Recording Studios have put a unique flavor on a mess of great releases from Brian Glaze (Brian Jonestown Massacre), Anna Hillburg (Dreamdate), The Dutchess & the Duke and more.

John Morgan is the wild-maned, piano virtuoso that turned your head at the BART station.  He formed The John Brothers Piano Company (with Greg Ashley on bass) and now they are melting minds at the Monterey Jazz Festival.  With New Orleans ragtime spirit, flying clarinet solos and blazing trumpets, the band is making some seriously refreshing jazz in an otherwise dying scene.

Saturday, September 27th – a special Equinox event with The Ian Fays
Films: Dinosaurs Alive plus select silent shorts

The Ian Fays will revive your faith in pop music.  Lizz and Sara Fay are identical twins.  It is well known that twin infants communicate in unique ways that other kids can not.  Less understood is what happens when they grow up making music together.  There are smart, powerful lyrics that stick with you even when whispered.  Jangly guitars and tinkling keyboards make for some sweet pop delight.

Friday, October 10th it’s Swiftumz
Films: To Be An Astronaut plus select silent shorts

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Swiftumz debut recording, Don’t Trip, may be a contradiction in terms. This is trippy stuff, but there are no fourteen-minute guitar solos.  The influences here are diverse with hooks that remind you (or your dad) of AM radio in 1975.  Best of all, you won’t need any drugs to enjoy Swiftumz.  Don’t trip!  Have a tamale, have a Tecate, lean back in the comfy MEGADOME seat and watch an astronaut training film.  You will wake up tomorrow with a new understanding of the universe and Swiftumz stuck in your head.