Iceage (Photo: Isabel Asha Penzlien)(Photo: Isabel Asha Penzlien)

Danish post-punk outfit Iceage is playing San Francisco’s own Elbo Room on Halloween, and you have to go see them. Why? Because:

That’s the video for “The Lord’s Favorite”, a song that will presumably be on the new album the band has said it will release later this year. They haven’t released any details on the album yet, but they said that they’re going to be featuring the new material on their North American tour. So if you want a sneak peek at the new album, you will want to be at this show.

But the biggest reason you need to be at Elbo Room on October 31? You will likely never get another chance to see Iceage in a venue as intimate as Elbo Room ever again. Do yourself a favor, buddy.

Iceage, Helm
Elbo Room
October 31, 2014