field medic

Field Medic, the solo project of Rin Tin Tiger’s Kevin Patrick, has a new single out, one that is just as haunting and subtlety captivating as anything on his previous release PEGASUSTHOTZ. Entitled “Neon Flowerz,” further emphasizing the songwriter’s infatuation with the letter ‘z,’ it is full of minimalist percussion, creaking vocals that crawl under your skin and a melody that won’t leave your subconsciousness for days after first listening to it.  The sparse instrumentation only enhances the foreboding sense of angst and longing inherent in the song, and fans of singer-songwriters like Elliot Smith and Nick Drake will instantly recognize the desperation that, underneath all the sorrow, is quite beautiful.

A low-budget, definitely homemade music video accompanies the single, reflecting the song’s disorienting feel with jump cuts of seemingly random images. It’s up to the listener/viewer to decipher the meaning, kind of like a sonic Rorschach test.

While there may be no Field Medic shows in the near future, you can see Kevin Patrick perform with Rin Tin Tiger at the Milk Bar in late August.  His record label Sunroom Recordz & Salon (that ‘z’ again!) will be issuing its first compilation that month as well.

Rin Tin Tiger, Hurricane Roses, The Parmesans
Milk Bar
August 20, 2014
8:30pm, free w/RSVP or $5 at door, 21+