Sometimes the best way to describe an artist’s music is to use their own words.  In the case of Oakland-raised producer/singer RZN8R, he describes his sound as ‘music to make you go ‘oooh.” That’s a pretty apt description of his dreamy electronic soundscapes.  It may not be the most elegant way to put it, but sometimes elegance is overrated and simplicity cuts through the white noise of generic music blogger commentary better than anything else.

Real name Derek Buckwalter, RZN8R makes music that could only be produced in the 21st century: fusing elements of electronica with a warm, acoustic sensibility, combining laid-back grooves with enticing melodic lines and creating a wholly unique sonic atmosphere.  Drawing influences from a strong sense of spirituality as well as a passion for technology, RZN8R’s sound is a continual process of evolution, infusing the music production techniques he has learned over the years with a belief in the interconnectedness of all things.  In other words, it’s robot music with soul.  Take that, elegance.