Prom Body

Days after hitting the road, Tuscon’s Prom Body is headed for the West Coast with its brand new LP, Naughty By Natural, in tow. A blend of gritty and sweet textures, the band’s music floats in a familiar realm between surf pop and garage rock, never quite reaching the velocity of punk or the saccharine sounds of lo-fi pop. On “My Paradise,” the lead single off of the new record, Prom Body finds that satisfying balance — sharp lead guitar and fun drum fills that cut through fuzzy, almost hushed vocals and some uplifting oh-oh sing-a-long moments — and the perfect summer song is born.

The band is headlining Brick & Mortar on Monday, August 4, along with a split California-Arizona lineup. Union Pacific, the project of Tuscon born and SF-based musician Zachary Vito, will be joining Prom Body, along with locals Banshee Boardwalk and the Phoenix-based badass babes of Numb Bats.

Prom Body, Union Pacific, Numb Bats, Banshee Boardwalk
Brick & Mortar
August 4, 2014
9pm, $5 (18+)