Thick Red Wine

Thick Red Wine – the moniker of San Francisco-via-New Jersey artist Mike Wojciechowski (pronounced Whoa-juhh-house-key) – plays an intense and, well, open and honest brand of anti-folk, folk-punk, or however you want to quantify this unique blend of acoustic guitars and punk spirit. Wojciechowski himself describes his music as “winding and eccentric narratives drawing inspiration from 5th grade recess fights, middle school dance erections, college house party disasters, philosophers and boxed wine, among other things” – surely some intriguing subject matter, no?

In early 2013, Wojciechowski released both a single (“Thank You Based God” b/w “Regulate”) and a full-length (Never Wanted To Be Cool), having recorded both in Austin, Texas. The latter kicks off with the title track’s brilliant but somehow-still-awkward discussion of grade school social structures, and continues with songs talking about some similar themes (“Middle School Dance”, “Meeting Girls”) as well as some more mature topics (“Franzia”, “Letter to Freud, DeSade, Everyone”), yet Wojciechowski always seems to inject his particular type of almost startling honesty and, er, youthful perspective into each and every track.

His sophomore album under the Thick Red Wine moniker – his forthcoming Homesick EP, due out in September via Breakup Records – was recorded in Philadelphia before he moved the project to San Francisco, and Wojciechowski says the new record is “a raw full-band indie rock affair that extols the gritty survival instinct of a jaded but determined generation.” Sounds like another round of his gripping-yet-hilariously-awkward brand of modern folk.

While you wait on the new record, feast your ears on Never Wanted To Be Cool along with details on three upcoming Thick Red Wine shows, below.

Thick Red Wine
Bicycle Works (San Anselmo)
August 2, 2014

Thick Red Wine
House Show (San Francisco)
August 16, 2014

Andy Dale Petty, Thick Red Wine, Dry Well
Honey Hive Gallery (San Francisco)
September 11, 2014
7pm, $10 (all ages)