trevor the fly

It’s official: Berkeley and San Francisco’s Mission District don’t have a monopoly on all things weird/quirky/eccentric.  Those elements exist even in the sleepy suburbs, places stereotypically classified as artistically dull unless Arcade Fire writes an album about them.  It’s no grand mystery–drugs reach the suburbs too, and people have a lot more free time to take them than in the ever-hustling Big City.

Not that I’m insinuating Vacaville-based Trevor the Fly is on drugs, but listening to their music is certainly a mind-altering experience in itself.  Full of dynamic time changes, abrasive vocals, abrupt shifts in mood and melodies that range from deceptively catchy to suitably disorienting, this is the kind of music I imagine ran through William Burroughs’ head when he was writing Naked Lunch.  It could all have been a disaster if bassist/vocalist Brandon Cisneros, guitarist/vocalist Cam Gonzales and drummer Paul Flores weren’t able to interlock so well rhythmically.  But they do, so instead of chaos, you just get something that sounds similar to chaos.  Their almost dance-rock grooves can devolve within the span of a few seconds into a sound that is part art rock, part hardcore with hints of Primus and even a dash of the Pixies or the Minutemen.

Those of you city dwellers terrified of traveling out to the menacing suburbs for a concert can see the band in the next few weeks, on August 2nd at the Stork Club in Oakland and August 8th at 50 Mason Social House in San Francisco.  Check out their very DIY video for “Penguin Marches On” to get a sense of their musical styling.  I wouldn’t say it’s more understandable than a David Lynch film, but it’s certainly way more entertaining than whatever the hell Inland Empire is.

Pelicanopolis, Trevor the Fly, The Gums, Rakehell
The Stork Club
August 2, 2014
2pm, free, 18+