Future Twin - "We're Here"

Everyone’s favorite local purveyors of “punkadelic farmageddon grandma rock,” Future Twin, are set to debut a video for the track “We’re Here” from their Chillality EP on August 13 at the Mission’s Roxie Theater.

Future Twin may claim to play “grandma rock,” but your grandma would spit out her dentures if she saw what the kids are getting up to with their music videos these days. Future Twin created the “We’re Here” clip by using the same software that was used to create that interactive video for Bob Dylan’s “Like A Rolling Stone” (the one where you can flip through TV channels as you watch and all the newscasters, cartoon characters, etc. on every channel are singing along with Bob).

The video for “We’re Here” was inspired by the Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books you might remember from when you were a kid. So if you go to the Roxie on August 13, you won’t just be there to witness the video once. A series of folks will choose their own adventure, and you’ll get to ride along. “Each screening promises to unveil new hidden gems in the music video,” the band says in its press release.

Here’s “We’re Here” for your listening pleasure:

Future Twin will be playing a live set at the video release party, but if you want to double up on Future Twin, you can catch them for “hellafree” when they play The Uptown in Oakland on August 1 for First Friday along with The Saint Ides, Kitten Grenade, and Yogurt Brain.

Future Twin – “We’re Here” Video Release Party
The Roxie Theater
August 13, 2014
9:30pm, $10-20

Future Twin, The Saint Ides, Kitten Grenade, Yogurt Brain
The Uptown Nightclub
August 1, 2014
9pm, FREE