Dallas-based indie/electronic band Ishi will be playing DNA Lounge this weekend, bringing some dance tunes to the Bay Area.

As a part of their 2014 summer tour, the group will be hitting the area as well four other dates in California before embarking on a western United States venture to promote their most recent release, Digital Wounds. Ishi is a culmination of pop, indie, and electronic, creating a synth-laden sound that is catchy and extremely danceable. Their video for “Emotional Hard Drive”, is exactly what you’d expect to see and everything you’d think not to see – a story of a robot dealing with love as well as the occasional dancing robots. Nevertheless, their electric sound is the perfect soundtrack to a night full of lights and dancing.

The band is also working on their third release, and will hopefully be following up with more groovy, funky tunes.

El Elle, Dot Punto, Ishi, The Y Axes
DNA Lounge
August 1st, 2014
8:30pm, $8 (all ages)