Lemme Adams

Lemme Adams are either mustachioed loggers, or half-caricatures of a surf garage rock band riding this tech wave out in San Francisco. Either way, they have me hooked.

Last Sunday they premiered a music video shot and edited within 48 hours for “Toys”, and won the illustrious “Best Song” at the annual Music Video Race. They were up against the likes of local competition Guy Fox, Bill Baird, and Rich Girls, among many others.

The video itself features a lot of plaid, chicken wings, circular saws, and oh yeah, toys. Jesse Adams’ voice is a power tool wail for summertime childhood indulgences. “When I was a boy / I used to play with toys / Now I am a man / Doin’ what I can”. The video runs through basically everything you shouldn’t do as a kid, like pyrotechnics involving G.I. Joes, fire crackers, and railroad tracks. You can find the song off of their Christmas 7“, another local release helped into existence by Converse Rubber Tracks and Different Fur Studios.

Check the shed-punks out below: