Bicycle Day

There’s something to admire about East Bay-based band Bicycle Day. And their debut album, I Had A Place To Be, can fully back that notion. Recorded in Anaheim’s Thee Mens Warehouse – a collective studio, venue, label, rehersal and art space – the album is a collection of songs that combine elements of punk, surf, and psych.

With captivating riffs that oscillate between being surfy to sludgy in nature and apathetic vocals to match, the outfit has crafted a patented blend of music that they can call their very own. But don’t take my word for it. Listen to the album in its entirety below. Some tracks to check out are “Melted Again” and “Mannequins”. To put it in the simplest of colloquial terms: They rip.

Pilgrims, Death Lens, The Frights, Bicycle Day
July 27, 2014