Okay San Francisco, you can have all the dirty garage rock bands you want, with their egregiously fuzzed-out guitars and incomprehensibly distorted vocals.  I’ll be in the East Bay skankin’ at a Skunkadelics show.  Black shoes, white hat, black and white checkerboard fingerless gloves–yeah I’ll look like a dork, but I’ll probably be having more fun than you, awkwardly moshing to music that can’t quite be moshed to, pretending to dig the noise but not too much because showing emotion at a concert is uncool nowadays.

Sorry.  I got carried away for a second.  But every time I listen to the Skunkadelics’ gloriously catchy “Yolanda,” I just want to renounce my citizenship in the hipster kingdom and never look back.  You won’t be able to blame me once you listen to it: the blaring horn punctuated lead riff, the criminally smooth walking bass line and huge chant-along chorus all combine to create one delicious concoction of ska-punk.  Though there’s nothing quite original about the band’s music — most of it derives heavily from the 2-tone and third wave ska eras, from the Specials to Reel Big Fish – that doesn’t distill the sense of enjoyment one will receive from their generous servings of danceable grooves.

Oh, and I haven’t even shared the best piece of information yet: the band will be performing at Gilman’s Ska Night alongside Voodoo Glow Skulls and The Interrupters this Sunday.  That’s a lineup that will make your feet tingle just by reading it.

Voodoo Glow Skulls, Left Alone, The Interrupters, Jokes for Feelings, The Skunkadelics
924 Gilman St.
July 27th, 2014
5pm, $12, all ages