Jordannah Elizabeth

Local psych-folk artist Jordannah Elizabeth will be releasing her full length album Bring To The Table at the end of this month, but in the meantime, has supplied The Bay Bridged with an exclusive premiere of her new single, “Six Years.”

Elizabeth’s voice is haunting and stately, layered atop a background of strings, a resonating guitar riff, and an addictive rhythm. “Six Years” is a painstakingly alluring song that is hard to ignore. Elizabeth’s impressive vocal range and capabilities are put into the limelight, where she shows her ability to hit out of range notes and and operatic aria-like falsetto. The song is a testament to heartbreak, to loss, and to longing at its finest.

To grab a copy of her album, and catch her live, be sure to check out Elizabeth at the end of this month. Details below!

Jordannah Elizabeth, The Asteroid #4, Trans Van Santos
El Rio
July 31, 2014
8pm, $8 (21+)