Split Screens

I can’t quite figure out Split Screens.  Are they a psychedelic band masquerading as folk rockers?  Or a progressive rock group with an oddball pop sensibility?  Maybe both.  Maybe neither.  Either way, their new single “Stand Alone,” which was released this week, is unique in the fact it sounds just like you’d imagine Split Screens to sound: unpredictable.  Like their last single, “The Sinner,” it radiates rhythmic energy and a firm sense of melody accentuated by Jesse Cafiero’s mournful vocal delivery, but that’s where most of the comparisons end.

Atmospheric and dreamy, “Stand Alone” is neither spacey enough to be considered strict psychedelia nor straightforward enough to make it onto most pop radio stations, and that’s probably what makes it so appealing. You can see them perform it live this Thursday night at the Hemlock Tavern as they share a bill with Annie Girl and The Flight.

Annie Girl and The Flight, Split Screens
Hemlock Tavern
July 24, 2014
8:30pm, $7, 21+