Milk Bar July 24

If there’s one thing I dislike about our local music scene, it’s the relative lack of quality hip hop shows compared to their rock and roll peers. Well, Milk Bar deserves credit for not only booking Oakland cloud rappers Main Attrakionz, but pairing them with an exciting and unique bill. Main Attrakionz deserves plenty of props, as well – not every hip-hop duo would agree to headline a night like this. Regardless, I’m really glad everyone made it happen.

The show is considered a “pre-release party” for Main Attrakionz’ forthcoming album 808’s and Dark Grapes 3. Here’s a video for the Friendzone-produced “G.O. ALL I KNOW” off the album:

Kicking things off is Claire Elise, front woman for The Tropics, who will perform her new solo electronic pop. No recordings of her solo work are currently available, but here’s The Tropics’ Music Video Race-winning video for “Sons & Daughters”.

Laughters, the solo project of Guy Culver, will play high-energy weird synth driven music, and will be giving away his latest record for the first 50 folks in the door. Here’s Laughter’s latest release, ThoroughlyContentVol​.​1.

The Classical is a duo that recently relocated from Denver to San Francisco. I’ve mentioned them here before, and I’m a fan. Here’s some footage of The Classical from a previous Milk Bar show for a taste of what to expect.

Main Attrakionz, The Classical, Laughters, Claire Elise
Milk Bar
July 24, 2014
8pm, $5