Luke Sweeney

San Francisco sweetheart Luke Sweeney has been slowly building up the anticipation for his full-length release, Adventure:Us with numerous singles and videos. The most recent addition? “Doin’ It To You,” which Sweeney just released this past week.

“Doin’ It To You” is ’50s love song-reminiscent – the same stuff you hear played under rays of summer sun (although maybe not in San Francisco). The song contains a doo-wop-styled guitar riff, a blend of smooth, uplifting vocals from Sweeney, and a lively melody. It’s hard not to get caught in the soft rhythm. It’s a ballad of simple proportions, with straightforward lyrics that are hard not to sing along to. The song is typical Sweeney, in the best way possible.

Sweeney’s full length is due out on October 14 of this year on Aerobic International, so be sure to stay tuned from more to come.