Happy Diving - Big World

It’s more or less amusing that many of the members of the East Bay’s Happy Diving have yet to reach the legal drinking age. Even more so is the fact that they’ve only been a band since 2013. And yet, despite the brevity of their existence in the Bay Area music scene, they’ve done nothing but produce satisfying and energetic pop songs.

Breaking out with their self-titled EP in 2013, the band is following up with a full length album entitled Big World out October 21 via Father/Daughter Records. The EP, which is currently available digitally and on cassette from Father/Daughter, was an all too brief collection of four tracks; a full length was certainly well overdue.

Recorded at The Atomic Garden in East Palo Alto alongside producer Jack Shirley, the album is said to channel a much larger sound than their first EP. Shirley is notable for producing work from Deafheaven, Joyce Manor, and Whirr. As of now a single has yet to be released, but Happy Diving has shared the track listing. Big World, said to run a mere 30 minutes, is ten concise, sludgy pop songs that are urged to be played while embarking on a road trip.

Big World

1. Small World
2. Space Ooze
3. Weird Dreams
4. Big World
5. Sad Planet
6. Mikey’s Rules
7. Whenever
8. Always Noon
9. Explorer
10. 10

Happy Diving, Spraynard, Colossal Wrecks, Leer
1234 Go! Records
July 31, 2014
10 p.m., $10