Jeff Desira

Local singer-songwriter Jeff Desira is coming hot off the presses with his newest release, Weathervane, and will be playing Amnesia to celebrate.

After a combination of wanderlust adventures in New York, a stint that left him unable to use his left hand to play guitar for months, and the death of his former producer, Weathervane collects six years of Desira’s work, writing, and experiences. The result? A seven-track compilation of stories that are soft, painstakingly beautiful, and hauntingly memorable. Weathervane contains both acoustic tracks and full-band odes, melodic songs that are alluring.

“Lighthouse Underneath,” the fourth track on the album, contains a low horn section and a stunning duet, where “Aquamarine Girl,” the next track, is a fun, poppy love-ode that demonstrates the span of Desira’s abilities and also his lovingly sappy side. The title track, “Weathervane,” is a carefully crafted indie-folk song that is catchy and fun.

Weathervane is an assortment of stories, tales, and memories that shed light on a previously unknown side of Jeff Desira. The album is a window into the singer-songwriter, and a magnificently vivid one at that.

Here’s a living room version of the album’s final track that is raw, unbound, and majestic.

You can pick up a copy of the album, and hear Desira live, this weekend.

Jeff Desira, Dara Ackerman
July 19, 2014
7:30pm, $10 (21+)