Local alternative rock band Dangermaker are back at it with a new video for their song, “The Light.”

The video is a black-and-white silhouetted montage of images, featuring portraits of each band member, and juxtaposing scenes of city landscapes – such as tunnels, streets, and lights. Matching the song effectively, it takes you on a sensational ride between dark and light. The song is an anthemic and dramatic track that finds the rock outfit taking on a much more mature sound, moving into an adult-rock / alternative-rock sector that is reminiscent of the early 2000s.

Just coming back from the release of their debut album Black Dream, there’s much more to expect from Dangermaker with their upcoming Light The Dark EP I release.

Coo Coo Birds, Happy Fangs, Major Powers and the Lo-Fi Symphony, Dangermaker
Elbo Room
July 18, 2014
9pm, $10 (21+)