Al Lover

Over the past few years, Al Lover has quickly become one of the most interesting producers in San Francisco. He makes music that slides seamlessly between genres, creating a psychedelic collage of sound. Pulling from contemporary and past garage and psychedelic rock as well as spacey beats and chopped electronic DJ samples, he has a little something to offer for everyone. Al Lover (aka Alex Gundlach) lays down bricks in a path less explored but open to everyone from ravers to garage rock kids.

The dude has now released a brand new track, “Stonegoat”, part of his reworking of six songs from World Music by Swedish psych band GOAT (Stranded Rekords/RocketRecordings/Sub Pop). For his second vinyl release via PNKSLM Recordings, Lover has taken the original tracks and given his distinctive twist, turning them into entirely new songs.