The new Punch video perfectly encapsulates the band’s musical and stylistic sensibility: sparse, straightforward, bold and unapologetically grimy.  Bodies crash in the background while the lyrics stand superimposed on the stark, black and white images, daring you to challenge it: “We don’t exist for you to appraise / not a compliment, no fucking thanks.” Clearly, the band doesn’t care whether you dig them or not, but if you’re a fan of hardcore music, you will probably dig them.

Recorded by Jack Shirley at Atomic Garden Studios, the group’s new album, They Don’t Have To Believe, is set to be released August 19th on Deathwish Inc.  Raw, ceaselessly aggressive and socially conscious, the band describes featured track “Worth More Than Your Opinion” as “an attempt to take a little power back from situations that make people feel small and worthless.” If such a statement resonates clearly with you (and why wouldn’t it, unless you’re abnormally impervious to criticism or failure or perceived failure) then you should definitely consider pre-ordering the LP from the Deathwish E-Store.