San Francisco’s Hafner is an all-too rare combination of musicians who not only like to play music hella loud, they also are baseball fanatics. They take their name from Travis Hafner, who they say “is still an all-star in our minds and his fervent thighs will be forever commemorated by our band.”

They also play in the Pacific Coast Hardball League for the Daly City Brians and are big time A’s fans, (despite living in San Francisco – you should ask them why if you see them), and even have a couple of songs on their album named after ballplayers. They love Matt Stairs so much they made a video for their track dedicated to the most awesome squatty Canadian slugger known to man. It’s loud and angry, and I think itappropriately conveys the rage with which Stairs hacked at pitches in his prime.

Hafner is releasing their debut album, Boyos, on vinyl at an early show way out west at the Honey Hive Gallery Friday night. Stream the album below the video to get pumped for baseball’s second half (and the show on Friday).

Hafner, Windowpain Industries, Rose Mystics
Honey Hive Gallery
July 18, 2014
7pm, $7

Editor’s Note: An earlier version of this post incorrectly identified the baseball team as the Daly City Brains.