We Will Be Lions (Photo: Sari Blum Photography)(Photo: Sari Blum Photography)

Psychedelic glam-rockers We Will Be Lions released their newest single “Burn Me Like A Disco” last month. The track was recorded with Ian Pellicci at Tiny Telephone, and it is the first single off of a new album that the band hopes to release by the end of 2014.

The grandiose track screams ’70s glam, while mixing in elements of prog, funk, blues, and of course, some good ol’ psychedelia. Marcus Bowers’ soaring vocal on the intro and chorus stands in an oddly perfect juxtaposition with his gritty performance in the song’s verses, which is backed by his beautifully sleezy guitar work. The single’s tripped out cover art was done by Juan Beaz, who managed to portray the song’s exotic extravagance.

Listen to “Burn Me Like A Disco” below via Soundcloud.