Christopher Owens

A year and a half after former Girls frontman Christopher Owens released Lysandre, he’s offering up another album. A New Testament, Owens’ second solo effort, is due out September 30 via Turnstile and was produced by the same Doug Bouehm who worked on his solo premiere.

In Owens’ own words, Testament will feature “honest, earnest, simple songwriting,” and is “inspired by the fundamentals of American music — Gospel, Country, R&B.” The songs are deeply personal as well, and Owens had a tough time picking which tracks went on the record. The cuts he chose were the ones that “

[spoke] to me the most, of my memories, real life experiences, my battles, my victories.”

Following the release of A New Testament, Owens embarks on a 13-date North American tour that concludes with a show at Great American Music Hall in San Francisco on October 11. While you’re waiting on the new record and the Great American show, Owens has brought us a video for the single “Nothing More Than Everything to Me”, which features his band playing sweetly at a middle school dance.

Here’s the A New Testament tracklisting, and get full details on Owens’ October Great American show below.

Christopher Owens, Tracklisting:
1. “My Troubled Heart”
2. “Nothing More Than Everything To Me”
3. “It Comes Back To You”
4. “Stephen”
5. “Oh My Love”
6. “Nobody’s Business”
7. “A Heart Akin The Wind”
8. “Key To My Heart”
9. “Over And Above Myself”
10. “Never Wanna See That Look Again”
11. “Overcoming Me”
12. “I Just Can’t Live Without You (But I’m Still Alive)”

Christopher Owens
Great American Music Hall
October 11, 2014
9pm, $21 (6+)