Local indie rock sweethearts Solwave have come back from their Milk Bar residency with a new, never before seen video for their song, “Devil In My Head”.

The Misfits looking, devil-lock wearing group, comes together in an effort to explore a different range of sound, taking on a more rockabilly-style that is filled with roundabout guitar riffs and march-style drum beats. The video is playful, fun, and entertaining to watch. A chronicle of a band’s rise to fame, and the speed bumps that come along with that territory, the video shows the bands back and forths with a man who is helping to shape the band to become superstars. It’s utterly silly, and completely enjoyable.

Watch the video for “Devil In My Head” and get full details on the band’s show at Slim’s later this month, below.

Radical Something, Solwave, Louder Space
July 19, 2014
9pm, $16 (all ages)