me so hungry Hawaiian sliders

I typically approach sliders with a little skepticism. After all, aren’t they just tiny burgers? As it turns out, all sliders are not created equal. If you’ve ever had the ones from the Me So Hungry Too truck, which will be appearing at our 2014 Phono del Sol Music Festival, then you know they pack big flavor, pairing delicious meats with creative toppings that make for deceptively complex bites. Or, in simpler terms: they’re hella tasty.

Above, check out the Hawaiian sliders, marrying chicken with crispy Maui onions and chipotle aioli. Below, drool over the KTM sliders: marinated short ribs, pepper jack cheese, crispy onions and spicy crème fraîche sauce. My suggestion: grab some friends, order a bunch, and sample them all while you’re enjoying some great music at Phono del Sol.

me so hungry KTM sliders