The Gizmos

Many important things happened in 1980: Ronald Reagan was elected President of the United States, Mt. St. Helens erupted, and (most importantly) The Gizmos released a split with Dow Jones & the Industrials called Hoosier Hysteria. With bratty power pop songs about bible belt babies and a found hatred for progressive rock, the band helped produce one of the more solid splits of the ’80s. And thanks to Burger Records-induced nostalgia, the band will be playing a few shows in the Bay Area.

Considered one of the Midwest’s first punk bands, the current lineup includes original members such as Kenne Highland, Eddie Flowers, Ted Niemiec, and Rich Coffee. The group will be playing a show at Hemlock Tavern with local outfit Dancer. Here’s to hoping that they’ll play this diddy:

The Gizmos, Dancer
Hemlock Tavern
July 7, 2014
8:30pm, $12 (21+)