Cold Beat (Photo by Madeline Allard)(Photo by Madeline Allard)

Cold Beat is at it again. After the band’s essential debut of the Worms/Year 5772 EP on Hannah Lew’s very own Crime on the Moon, the band is coming out with its first full length album Over Me on July 8. Themes of romantic imagery, paranoia, and an ever-present sense of impending doom come together to form a dynamic release. Over Me is available for purchase via Midheaven Mailorder, with part of the proceeds going to Charity: Water. For a taste of what the album is shaping up to be, check out the eery post punk bands up-tempo track, “Mirror” below or listen to the entire album courtesy of NPR.

And if that wasn’t enough for you, I guess you’ll just have to check out the band’s release show for the album happening at The Chapel July 5 with The Fresh and Onlys and Devon Williams.

The Fresh and Onlys, Cold Beat, Devon Williams
The Chapel
July 5, 2014
9pm, $15