Wicked Man

Little to nada is known about Berkeley’s Wicked Man, a self-described “folkie funkie indie junkie” trio who have had a page on Facebook for less than three months. What IS known is that they released a lush, beautifully composed, and patiently articulated EP titled Fingership in May. Engineered at San Francisco’s respected Tiny Telephone Studios by Ian Pellici, the three-song release features the musicianship of Yonatan Tietz, Matt Fisherkeller, and Nick Blossom.

While “Solitude” and “We Are Near” are softer indie ballads, “Selfish Indeed” is buoyant with attitude. Directed by Andrew Callaway, the video takes us into a dreamscape filled with hedonism and popping champagne bottles, as well as those Donnie Darko slinky effects where whirlpools shoot from people’s chests. You’ll see.