Melted Toys

San Francisco’s Melted Toys are having a rather busy July. The lo-fi quartet not only really a new album on July 15 (their self-titled debut via Underwater Peoples), but they’re also headlining a date at Slim’s the night before to celebrate the occasion.

Three years since their psychedelic EP Washed and Dried presented their pared-down, dreamy mien, Melted Toys are finally releasing their debut full length album. The three year wait was not necessarily planned—one of the members left the laptop containing most of the initial work on a BART train—but the band pressed forward stronger, re-locating to LA and Asia to regroup and rewrite.

The band’s singer and guitarist Steven Harkins took to Asia and particularly Taipei, where the soundscapes of everything from surrounding villages to J-pop fused into Melted Toys’ established musical consistency. He fully immersed himself—even the tracks composed in China were written on his girlfriend’s Dad’s old guitar, used last when he was a teenaged Taiwanese rocker in the ’70s.

And thus, the self-titled album carries with it a sense of escapism—a longing to get away, and a pining to eschew the monotony of the daily grind. Want a taste? Check out the single below, called “Observations”, followed by full details on the show at Slim’s.

Sam Flax, Melted Toys, support TBA
July 14, 2014
8pm, $12