Bourgeois Productions Presents

Religious Girls is a three piece experimental indie band from Oakland, California. Their sound is hard, melodic, and a motley blend of different textures, and styles. The trio’s most recent release, I Want To Believe, infuses electronic elements such as keyboards and synths, a hard, intense rhythmic section, and screaming vocals into a cacophony of addicting sound. Each song on the album spans about five minutes, and contains euphoric peaks and declines.

Using a combination of electronic indie and math rock, Religious Girls curate a sound that is mesmerizing. Vocals are replaced by screams, chants, and melodic hums, and each element comes together in a body-moving, head-banging, and thought-provoking way. It’s music that suggests seeing Religious Girls live might just be be a religious experience.

Religious Girls, The Surgeon GeneralsRich GirlsTaxes
Great American Music Hall
July 5th, 2014
8pm, $14 (all ages)