Big Rock Show Bent Knee
The Art Boutiki‘s Big Rock Show series is often heavy on the local talent, but this month they’ll be playing host to some touring East Coasters–Boston art outfit Bent Knee on July 2.

Bent Knee are a product of the Berklee College of Music—which shouldn’t surprise anyone, as they’re associated with an eclectic conglomeration of artists back home, from Amanda Palmer to Dropkick Murphys, and are famous for taking traditional classical instruments in directions no one ever expected. A tireless touring act, the band is passing through Northern California this week as they inch closer to the July 19 release of their latest full-length, Shiny Eyed Babies.

So what are Bent Knee all about, exactly? It’s hard to say. Expect some wailing vocals, squealing strings, and lots of surprises. The video below explains it better.

They’ll be joined by locals The Y Axes, Six Steps North, and TBB faves A Yawn Worth Yelling. For all you city kids, Bent Knee will be at Brick and Mortar the evening after.

Bent Kneee, A Yawn Worth Yelling, The Y Axes, Six Steps North
The Art Boutiki
July 2, 2014
7:30pm, $10