The Interrupters

The Bay Area has a surfeit of many things – picturesque landscapes, tech bros, ridiculously priced studio apartments- but it is sadly lacking in ska bands.  Besides the occasional ska night at the Gilman, there are very few places to frequent for the skankers out there, a disturbing fact considering the Bay is responsible for perhaps the best ska-punk act of the ‘90s in Operation Ivy.  That all may change after The Interrupters hit town this Saturday at Thee Parkside, bringing their blend of rock, ska, and punk with them, their style and substance heavily indebted to the glorious 2-Tone era.  Maybe this LA-based four-piece can inject some life into the limping genre and show us northerners how it’s done.

And speaking of Operation Ivy, the band displays some old-school cred as they team up with Tim Armstrong on their latest single “Family”, a track off their upcoming debut album scheduled to be released August 5. The Interrupters know this genre inside and out, a fact evident by their airtight drumbeats, punchy bass lines, tasteful guitar licks, and the ferocious, don’t-mess-with-me vocals of Aimee Interrupter.  Break out the black and white, grab a fedora (just ask your hipster friends for one), and prepare to skank your shoes off.  It’s going to be a good summer.

The Interrupters, Devil’s Brigade, The Bastard Makers
Thee Parkside
June 28, 2014
9pm, $12 (all ages)